Create your life & work on your terms – with freedom, passion, authenticity, connection, meaning and abundance!

It is possible to live a deeply fulfilling and prosperous life!

 DO work that expresses your true gifts and talents.

✓ SPEND your time engaged in activities that are meaningful.

✓ ATTRACT more clients and GENERATE more income.

✓ IMPACT the world around you in a positive way. 

✓ BUILD a solid foundation to grow your business in the future.

The 4 Essential Elements of Transformation

Clarity and Purpose

Defining your purpose – where you want to go, your reason for being – requires a deep search within yourself. It is one of the most important endeavors, bringing great satisfaction and meaning to life. To help you, we offer a guided path called,  Tap into Your Zen Spot™. This process is based on 30 years of experience guiding organizations to define their vision and Lianne’s own journey of transformation.

Direction and Path

Once you know where you want to go, the next step is devising a practical plan to get there. We can help you develop a blueprint, provide guidance and introduce you to the latest tools and technology so you may realize your Vision. The Master of Business Abundance Program helps you create the change you want to see in your life, career or business.

Self Mastery

Connecting to the deeper, true part of ourselves allows us to tap into the limitless source of creativity, wisdom and guidance and align with our highest potential. Some call this our intuition or our sub-conscious, but connecting with this greater source of wisdom helps us heal, break free of limiting programming and find the path that best serves both ourselves and others.


It is said, ‘It takes a village’. When it comes to realizing your dreams, you need support, inspiration, encouragement and resources. This can be achieved through connecting with like-minded individuals, who share your vision and purpose. We invite you to join our community, the Awakening Village, – a network of conscious individuals and entrepreneurs bettering the world by doing what they love for a living.

Who We Best Serve


Whether you are approaching a new stage in your life or feeling uninspired at work and would like to use your gifts and creativity for a deeper purpose, we can help.


We offer programs designed for the unique needs of mindful entrepreneurs and conscious businesses wanting to generate more abundance, while creating a positive impact.


Whether the goal is improving effectiveness, engaging more clients or improving profitability, we can help you bring your social enterprise to the next level.

Feature Events

Tap into Your Zen Spot™ Workshop

Discover your life’s purpose. Reignite your passion and find the deeper calling of your life. What could you do, be, attract into your life if you knew your true “why” — your destiny, the reason you are here and what you are uniquely suited to offer the world?

Lianne’s proprietary process involves discovering your Zen Spot™—the ‘G Spot’ of your life—the place where your passions meet your purpose; where your skills and gifts combine to deliver you prosperity, ease and flow in your life. This is the place where the four principles of fulfillment—PURPOSE, MASTERY, TRUTH and FREEDOM—are in perfect balance.   Learn More

Magical Soul Adventures – Costa Rica

Adventure through an enlightening process of self-discovery and fulfillment. Enjoy an unforgettable week designed just for you, to remind you of what you were born to do, while reconnecting with the true essence of life. A beautiful environment to explore the joy of a life fully realized and how to “follow your bliss”. Meditate with the sounds of the ocean, flow with yoga, engage in uplifting conversations, enjoy delicious meals, relax on the beach, dance, swim and surf!

Join us for a week of fun in the Costa Rican sun! Take the opportunity to retreat from the business of your life and reconnect with the beauty within and around!   Learn More

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LB Awaken bannerFrom the West Island Blog.

Discover Your Passion – Meet the Business

Lianne Bridges, left the corporate world after three decades serving multi- nationals like Aeroplan, Unilever and Nabisco. In 2009, when her husband died of cancer, she was left alone to raise her two small children. This crisis was a catalyst for her to redesign her life.  Read Article


Screen-Shot-2016-08-25-at-8.39.17-PMFrom the West Island Blog.

Awakening Village and the Path to Peace

Instead of building fences to separate our properties, my neighbour surprised me when she created a path to welcome me in. This beautiful expression of community inspired me to build the Soul Sanctuary—a physical space to relax, heal and connect to nature, to one another, and to their own inner landscape.  Read Article


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LB speakingLianne Bridges is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader. She focuses on topics such as: Awakening to your Purpose, Raising Your Abundance Quotient, Conscious Business Practices, Soulpreneurship and Branding and Marketing Authentically in Today’s Uber-Connected Society. In her talks, she weaves together her personal and professional experiences to offer the audience a rich and informative experience.

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“Lianne has a knack for bringing the best out of people and encouraging them to dig deep and shine with their unique light. She then introduces them to people of like mind, interest and purpose. She is a business matchmaker of sorts.” Andrea