Designing Transformation is proud to announce it will be hosting the first international Awakening Festival, in Hudson, Quebec, on June 18, 2011.

This first-of-its-kind event, with speakers from across the United States and Canada, will focus on holistic human and planetary health, with a special emphasis on ways to make positive impacts in local communities.

Itʼs our goal to create an unforgettable experience full of love, wisdom, creative expression and joy to unite and inspire a community toward positive transformation and purpose, said event founder Lianne Bridges.

She said she selected Hudson, Quebec for the event because of its long history of community activism, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, as well as its rich and vibrant culture.

Situated on the southwest bank of the Ottawa River, about 60 kilometers west of Montreal, the town is best known as the site of North Americaʼs first-ever ban on the application of lawn and garden pesticides on May 6, 1991.

The movement started with one woman, Dr. June Irwin, who noticed a connection between some of her patientsʼ skin problems and pesticides. She convinced Hudsonʼs town councillors and mayor, Michael Elliott, that pesticides should be banned.

Sued by ChemLawn (now TruGreen), the town fought back all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court — where it won in an historic 9-0 decision in June of 2001. The town led the way for more than 170 Canadian towns and cities that have since outlawed the use of pesticides.

Keynote speaker Paul Tukey, the founder of the SafeLawns Foundation and executive producer of the three-time Emmy Award Nominated film about the town A Chemical Reaction, said “Hudson has inspired his personal motivation to speak out against pesticides for the past 15 years”.

I believe that Hudson, Quebec, is probably the best single example of what community action can accomplish, said Tukey. Activism starts with one voice and, if successful, inspires a full-blown revolution.

The community will be commemorating this watershed moment in its townʼs history by creating an annual award, to be given to a local individual or group who represent this spirit of outstanding community citizenship. The first annual award recipient will be announced at the Awakening Festival on June 18, 2011 in Hudson, Quebec.In addition, Go Green Hudson, a local organization supporting green living, is inviting children to make posters to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the pesticide bylaw and will display them at the Hudson Earth Day Fair on May 1, 2011.

Other presenters at the Awakening Festival include, American landscape designer Ted Carter, co-author of Reunion: How we heal our Broken Connection to the Earth, along with his co-writer, Ellen Gunter, a journalist and spiritual director. Others include: Stéphane Bensoussan, a holistic health & educational psychologist; Martine Irman, a senior executive at TD Bank Group and recipient of Canadaʼs Top 40 Under 40tm award, and Stephen Schettini, an author and mindfulness expert.

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