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Imagine working at your highest purpose and potential to make a positive impact on more people while you prosper with greater ease and joy.

“Leadership is about creating change you believe in.” – Seth Godin

Do you feel a strong pull to:

  • Make a positive impact in the world?
  • Inspire a movement?
  • Lead a community effort?
  • Beautify/ better the world with your gifts, skills and/or experience?
  • Heal, teach or in some other way help others?

If so, you are a change leader!

Change-leaders don’t necessarily have a big title, high-level position or extensive career portfolio. What they have is the unyielding desire to continually improve themselves, their community and the greater society.

Change leaders are the modern world’s true adventurers, architects and alchemists.

Inspire a movement. Lead a community effort. Create or expand a conscious business. Choose from a variety of private or group, online or live programs.

Step into your potential

Our Jump Into Your ThriveZone© program helps you tap into the sweet spot where your greatest gifts and joy meet society’s greatest needs.

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Build a business doing what you love

Our Master of Business Abundance© program helps you transform your passions, know-how and experience to make a positive difference both in the world and your life.

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Lead your enterprise to success

Our BusinessYoga© program has everything you need to stretch, strengthen, balance and grow your existing enterprise.

Coming Summer 2017!

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LB speakingLianne Bridges is an inspirational speaker and workshop leader.

She focuses on topics such as: Awakening to your Purpose, Raising Your Abundance Quotient, Conscious Business Practices, Soulpreneurship and Branding and Marketing Authentically in Today’s Uber-Connected Society.

In her talks, she weaves together her personal and professional experiences to offer the audience a rich and informative experience.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

April 30 – May 2, 2017 ISPI Annual Conference in Montreal — The principles to decoding your Thrive Zone Blueprint for improved performance and impact.

June 2017 – Conscious Millionaire Podcast — My secrets to building a thriving community of supporters, clients and collaborators.




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“Lianne has a knack for bringing the best out of people and encouraging them to dig deep and shine with their unique light. She then introduces them to people of like mind, interest and purpose. She is a business matchmaker of sorts.” Andrea